OX OX OH is a new kind of tic tac toe with deeper strategy and deception. Three Xs or Os in a row deals one damage to your opponent, the rest of the board stays the same. Play bombs that your opponent can't see and deal one damage when played on by your opponent. Every move requires energy that you gain at the start of each turn. Energy can be used all at once or saved up to make multiple moves in a turn. Each player starts with 4 health, the first to get their opponent to zero health wins.


Margaret started work on what is now OX OX OH in July 2018. Many prototypes and revisions later the game is now in final stages of development.


  • Solo mode for playing against AI. Three free plays a day, no limit with full unlock.
  • Versus mode pass & play (one device) or wireless (two devices). Unlimited free plays!
  • Android & iOS wireless crossplay so you can play quickly with anyone.


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